Sunday, May 06, 2007

Welcome to SAT-2007 !!!

Evryone (almost everyone ) wud knw wht i am talking abt :D ...for those who dnt.....this is the banner tht was hung across the OU Campus main entrance..... the banner tht welcomes all those scape goats wanting and waiting to get into the most prestigious IIT coaching Centre in AndhraPradesh.

It was fun watching those hundreds and thousands of ppl waiting outside the exam hall...and to top it all..i had to drop off my cousin who was also writing the entrance. I got up ....jus changed into a pair of jeans....didnt bother to change the t-shirt also...and went to drop him at the campus at 7:00 in the morn....(though the exam starts at 8:30 and its only a 20-25 min drive frm home had to leave early to avoid the def possibility of a traffic jam) . Parked my Scooty...and was waiting for the gates to open when an uncle comes up to me and asks me.... "R u studying in IITB? " ... a lil shocked i replied....."yes" wondering how he had got to knw tht :-?? Aftr his usual IIT Aspirant's Parent's Questionare did i realize tht i had worn a t-shirt on which it was written "IIT BOMBAY" first it felt good tht i was getting all the attention...but aftr sumtime it did get a lil boring answering the same old questions.... one aftr the other.... aftr 2 yrs really doesnt matter sumtimes tht i am in iit i gues... !!! :-(

I still remember the day i wrote my SAT exam....the anticipation...the tension...and then the results.....the 2 yrs of strict discipline or whtever its called..... i still cant meet the Lecturers there without shivering :D

I jus luv tht place...those 2 yrs.....i'll never forget :)

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$udhi said...

thats reminds me of my bansal entrance test, how i did everything from application form, test, admission, renting a room, mess everything single handedly
guess i really missed my dad at that time
doing all those thing alone
i was lucky to come back alive
but now, does it matter?
yeah it does,
what i learnt from kota or bansal for that matter is not jee stuff
but i started believing in myself
from that point of time i knew i had something others dont have
a sense of self-confidence one could say
i hate kota

~$udhi :)