Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Misery struck..!!!!

Its pathetic...i was fine with the HSS thing naa.....din mein lukha kaatti thi....life mast tha...and then comes this monster who mails a prof and hence i have to study so much now :(( and the worst part is tht i dont even know wht i am suposed to study :(( as in wht i have to study...i have no clue abt it...its supposed to b done next sem and becoz of a mahaan insaan ...i have to study it now....mujhe khush rehte hue kyun nahi dekh sakte hai yeh log :((

ok...movie updates...nothing much...

SpiderMan III
Life in a METRO
Shaolin Soccer (saw at home)
Provoked (dnt knw if i ahd already mentioned or no)
Desamudhuru (halfway)
Munna (theatre)
Aaduvaari maatalaku ardhalu verule (theatre)

dnt rem nething else for now


विकास कुमार said...

life in the metro is nice movie naa,....I loved it although I was bored in Spiderman...!

Ravali said...

first half was good....cuts bhi pyaare the...lekin secnd half was kind of exaggerated and a lil expected types