Sunday, May 06, 2007

100 things abt me

Read this post in a blog so jus tried to write sumthing like tht :D
  1. I am Indian
  2. I was born in AndhraPradesh,India at 5:47 pm on August 7th, 1986
  3. I'm a Leo (both by Hindu and English calenders )
  4. I live in Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh (but right now studying (now working) in Mumbai)
  5. I've lived in 3 towns/cities
  6. I have one younger brother
  7. I am the only grand-daughter for both my paternal and maternal grandparents
  8. I love Cadbury DairyMilk chocolates
  9. I love acting and have acted in my college plays and dramas
  10. I have officially acted in a movie :P
  11. I love working for PAF, our college Performing Arts Festival
  12. I am not regular on my blog though i always wish i cud be
  13. I have failed in a non-credit course in basketball and have cleared it by taking up vocals :D =))
  14. I hate it when i get fat and thin without any reason
  15. I believe/trust people very easily
  16. I dont like(hate) hard metallic rock
  17. I like soft and pleasant music
  18. I hav finished watching all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in my summer holidays (thrice now)
  19. I am up to date with House MD, Office, Better off Ted, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, Entourage, HIMYM and also watched Wonder Years, Sex and the City, Boston Legal, That 70's show, Scrubs, Heroes, Simpsons, The O.C, Chuck, Coupling
  20. My blood type is A+.
  21. I am right-handed.
  22. I like wishing ppl at 00:00 on their b'days :)
  23. I'm about 5'4'' or 5'5''
  24. I prefer guys who are taller than 5'9''
  25. I use an IBM Thinkpad laptop and a 250GB external Hardisk (not nemore, Now I use an HP Pavilion Enternational - Change that to Dell Inspiron)
  26. I have an ipod 1 GB nano and 60GB video ipod
  27. My actual name is Ravali Prasad and my Surname is Edara..though the ICSE board and all subsequent institutions recognize me as Ravali Edara Prasad
  28. I dont have any favourite actor/actress
  29. I like taking note of Quotes
  30. I like to try everything or drinks whtever it is
  31. I find it hilarious whenever i see the "zoooppppp" (up) "zoooppppp" (down) "zzooooppppp" (frm whrever possible) shots of Indian TV Serials=))
  32. I love photography.
  33. I love Adobe Photoshop.
  34. I speak Telugu, Hindi and English
  35. I took Sanskrit as my optional in Intermediate (11-12th)
  36. I took coaching in an institute -for an institute- that coaches students to get into IIT :D
  37. I hate mugging long dialogues and long answers
  38. I have pierced ears (double piercing now)...and wud like to try tatooing sum day
  39. I am doing my Btech in IITB (done with it now)
  40. I dont know y i am not doin my MBBS though a human body fascinates me more than a civil structure
  41. I own 2 cellphones at any point of time (not nemore)
  42. I dont believe in astrology but enjoy reading it :)
  43. I don't wear any makeup though i like wearing eyeliner and kajal to adore my eyes (i like my eyes )
  44. I don't like wearing gold jewellary except for a simple chain , ear-rings and finger ring
  45. I like wearing metal/glass bangles on traditional dresses
  46. I love puppies
  47. My favorite color is a shade of lavender and purple and i buy most stuff just becoz they r of my fav color (including hair brushes and soap cases)
  48. I started learning dance and music when i was a kid of 2 and stopped it b4 i was 3 :D
  49. I wear lens
  50. I tried brown and amethyst (and aqua, include turquoise now ) colored lens
  51. I think tht the train/flight/bus/car i am travelling in is goin to meet with an accident everytime i travel :D
  52. I like changing my pics on orkut/facebook
  53. I have a very sensitive sense of smell esp for food :D
  54. I have almost watched all episodes of Tom & Jerry
  55. I've never colored my hair (colored now)
  56. I like buying keychains, earings, pendants, finger rings
  57. I cannot be angry at a person for long.
  58. I like flowers and luv arranging them
  59. I rarely talk in my dreams
  60. I like spicy indian food
  61. I love chicken =P~
  62. I was named Ravali Prasad coz my mom thought Dr. Ravali Prasad sounded better than Dr. Ravali
  63. I wish i had straight long silky hair
  64. I hate it when a program says "end now"
  65. I dnt like rides in amusement parks tht giv a zero gravity feel >:P
  66. I have watched more movies after coming to IIT than i have watched in all my life
  67. I like reading Senti Poems
  68. I get nervous b4 every performance of mine
  69. I luv babies or pics of babies
  70. I love surprises
  71. I like to b in an organizational post
  72. I dont like settling in the USA
  73. I am not religious. That doesn't mean I'm an atheist.
  74. I liked reading Tinkle,Archies, Wishing chair series, Noddy as a school kid
  75. I've never broken a limb.
  76. I was admitted in hospital twice till now
  77. I'm going to graduate from college in 2009 (graduated :D)
  78. I can't sleep well when sumone snores
  79. I like Hugging teddys and sleeping
  80. I hate Lizards
  81. I prefer using ruled paper to blank
  82. I like growing long hair now
  83. I like going for long drives
  84. My favorite season is the monsoon
  85. I prefer a small group of close friends to a large group of people.
  86. I own a Scooty
  87. I prefer bike rides to car rides
  88. I like remembering names of all the cocktails I have tried
  89. I like to snuggle around sumone and sleep
  90. I like sitting at the lakeside when it rains
  91. I luv changing status messages on yahoo messenger :D/ Gtalk now
  92. My first flight was in JET airways
  93. I have flied till now in Jet, Indian Airlines,Spice Jet,Air Deccan,Alliance Airways (or whtever) , Air Sahara, Go Air, Indigo, Air India
  94. I cry almost in every movie
  95. I like eating Tub Popcorn sitting in a Joey (recliner) Chair and watching movies in theatres
  96. I like reading books
  97. I like organizing my stuff
  98. I prefer friut juices to aerated drinks
  99. I had braces
  100. I dont drink water unless its cold (even in winters)
I guess i have more points to put in...will try and add them latr on :D


$udhi said...

how lukkha i am
i read it all!!!

~$udhi :)

Nithya said...

I have a very sensitive sense of smell esp for food
Thats the only thing I really don't know:p

Ravali said...

well...i do :D try it out sumtime...i can say whts cooking without seeing it :D

coolvir said...

Have definately seen the same some where...just can't recall where...LOL...just kiddin.

Nice blog btw.

Ravali said...

read it in an american's blog and then in a frnds...then posted mine....came across ur blog yesday and also loads of others blogs with the same thing but each one told me tht the 100 things u write cud b very diff.... i mean the style and the points they mention usually didnt have any coherence...and it was fun readin them...try out on google...u'll get the links of loads of others who write 100 things abt themselves :)

but yah...we do share one thing in common...a direct link to the 100 things abt us (actually stole the idea frm u :D )

Samwise Gamgee said...

What a narcissistic blog!!

Ravali said...

This is my blog...and i dnt remember inviting u to read ABT ME ...well if u did...u shud have expected it to b only abt me...y wud i bother writing abt sum xyz when I have nothing to do with them???
well...i dnt mind ur coment becoz this blog was probably made for tht :P

coolvir said...

One more common thingie.....Love for IITB and PAF ;)

Samwise Gamgee said...

Look at the about me...Awesomeness

Harish V. Nair said...

Intriguing, to say the least. :-)

Ravali said...

Thank You :)

ritu said...

wow ravali..that was some catchin up with you..

Buddha Tattoo said...

Nice blog ..! I really loved reading through this

article.. Thanks for sharing such a amazing post

with us and keep blogging...

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