Monday, December 04, 2006

Jus a normal day..!!!

Well jus for jotting down wht all i had done up at abt 9:00 am
  • Went with Teja (my cuz) to the bank (HDFC) and opened a 'zero balance accnt' thr...yeeeeyyyyyiiiiiiii.... now i can have my money tht i mite possibily (depending on my mood) tht i can look at it all the time and feel proud abt...noway r ne of my expenses goin frm tht money X-(
  • Met one of my aunts who lives nearby
  • Watched "Pulp Fiction" didnt understand y it was rated 6 in imdb...well..i dnt say its a bad movie.....the plot was very cleverly woven to mix all the diff stries tht were happening...but well...maybe i am not tht good a critic to appretiate those kind of movies...jus like 'sumone' says...maybe i dnt have tht much of a brain to understand high level movie :P
  • Booked my flight tickets to go back to mumbai...i know tht mom and dad r pissed off tht i am going back early....but well.....sumtimes days(read nites) seem longer than they r ...esp in winter ;)
  • Now gonna watch "Woh Lamhe" or "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"
And off..nothing tht int happend today i usual.......Just another day


Nithya said...

Oye, tell us how Eternal Sunshine... was.

Ravali said...

babes,....i ahve already done tht in the next post.. :)