Friday, December 08, 2006

Hell or Heaven ???

Y r they always the ones to complain..and we (me) always thew one to b complained abt?? i dnt mean always in a literal way here....but it is most of the times. Firstly they dnt want to hear abt wht i have to say.....then y start the argument in the first place??? wht starts as an argument always ends as a crib abt me.
All she has to say is i am stuck to the comp whenever i come home and dont spend time with her......
Well.....i jus hope tht sumday i cud say all wht i am putting up here.I said sumday coz till now i never got a chance to do so....
I agree tht i dnt stay long enuf during the vacations.....a reason for this being tht i participate in cultural events which demand my goin back early.But i do not find a driving force in the first place tht makes me want to stay here either....none of my frnds have hols when i come home..munna has and dad both away at work...and all i am left with is a dog to sit and while away my time.Thanx to tht fella who made internet and messenger happen...or i wud have ran away frm this f***ing place as soon as i got here.
Now aftr they come back in the eve.....the min she returns itself..she has to start off with....."always stuck to the lappy" though i am supposed to xpect her arrival and stop doin wht i was .....fine i leave my lappy and sit beside her...only to see her watch the TV ....(sum stupid serial-which she says is watching everyday so i shudnt b disturbing her in tht time...coz this is the only time she gets to relax of her really busy and tiring life at work)....or fall asleep coz she had a hard day at work....!!!!
I have dinner...and then sit again in frnt of the comp...coz obviously..i got nothing better to do in the hols.....and thr she goes off now...complaining to my dad who has jus returned...tht i am alwa6ys sitting in tht chair...not moving...and my dad's natural reaction continues frm thr.
The usual complains always begin tht way...and then go off to...
  • I never stay at home in the hols while everyone else (wonder whom it consists of ) stays
  • I take part in way tooooooo many cultural events
  • Dnt bother abt acads
  • Spend lots of money ...and eat a lot outside ...which is y i am getting fat
  • I dnt take abt myself
  • Never spend time with them
  • Dnt talk to them properly
  • Never want to spend time with them
  • Dnt sleep early at night
  • Sleep till late in the morn
  • Dnt help her out with her business
  • Gottu look at tht Ms X who is helping out her dad with her business
  • Never bother to take responsibilities
  • Dnt giv her ideas to help her business develop
  • Get frustrated and shout and answer back whenever she even tries to talk to me


Now with this happening every damn time tht i come home how the hell do u xpect me to stay at home for a longer time even if i didnt have work??? U go away in the morn and come in the nite with all these complains...and theni aint even supposed to complain tht i am getting bored.

Sick of this whole thing happening over and over again....

well if listening to ne of this s*** like..."YES I AM AN IRRESPONSIBLE...GOOD FOR NOTHING DAUGHTER THT CUD EVR EXIST ON THIS PLANET" then ready to say it netime u want....if at all tht cud stop me frm goin thru this over and over again.....

Life at home is heaven.....says who????????

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