Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back to Bombay

Well....dunno whts so damn spl abt this place...but looks like i never seem to get bored here....i major reason being FRIENDS i guess... :)
K...firstly...watching SCRUBS and its a cool show.....think i am gonna cont watching it :).....movie editing goin on really gr8......Anshul is really good at this stuff....i dunno how i manage to cry at stupid senti stuff.....but welll.....watching a movie and cryign is not a big deal....but watching the editing and crying is sumthing really stupid...k...may not seem tht stupid if the factor tht Laddu (Sudhi) is my frnd who ends up dying in the scene tht i watched.....so was kinda missing him...God knows for wht...!!!
And as for the movie updates...didnt watch nething yet.At home had done with Mixed Doubles...and the others tht i had mentioned.
Went to Dominos Day B4 for tht liq cheez pizza....not really tht good as i xpectd....its liq cheez...eeeeeesshhhhh....i xpected it smthing like melted cheez...and really xtra xtra cheez...so t turned out dissapointing. Went to Mc Ds yesday with Sahi,Gaurang and Anshul coz i had to give Gaurang a trt abt a stupid bet we put way back in the summers.Didnt chck the grades still....tend to forget it even though i went to insti everyday aftr i came....goin to go today also...but really wish i forget again....doesnt seem fruitful enuf to chck :D. Paid the sem fees without ne fine.Ya and abt Mc D....got a Happy Meal ( Coz i wanted DUMBO) but didnt get wht i wanted....so ended up gettign another one and picking my choice this time......now i have a DUMBO....and a SNOW WHITE :D
Now gonna go to Dadar ...get the next bundle (200 this time) and get them back with me.....and morns insti and nites malad.....coz jaini's parents r gonna b here for a few days. And Malad is maybe gonna b fun coz loads of movies on the comp thr.....so gonna have a nice time pass for maybe 3-4 days till i can find sumthing new again to do :D .
Thts it for now i gues.....me off...!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Smthing to cheer me up :)

Leo and Libra

The scrumptious concoction of Libra, the Scales, and Leo the Lion, is deliciously tasty! Libra is the focal point of elegance and chic in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensual delight, Libra seeks relationship with an avid fascination. Libra lives for love -- and style! Leo is bold, bright and full of good spirits. Your positive, life-affirming optimism makes you a lot of fun and great to be around. You love to be the centre of attention, but you are also a great performer and have a great-hearted endurance, spiced with generosity and a dash of egomania. Libra can really add some creative flavours to the mix, flung in with flair and elan. You are truly charmed by Libra's artistic, elegant, easygoing stance, and Libra is fascinated by your joie de vivre and confident air of command. Libra's playful, imaginative approach to love is the ideal blend with your dash and energy. You are both thoroughgoing romantics and the sexual harmony is delightful. Your own bold sensuality really sets the Scales aflame, so the temperature in the boudoir is hot, hot, hot. Tolerant Libra seeks to please and views lovemaking as an art at which, of course, you both excel. Creating the right environment for love is very important, though, and a failure to do so on your part will most likely lead to a rapid, though decorous, retreat. Ruled by sensual Venus, the goddess of love, pleasure and artistry, Libra is inclined to be focused on beauty, harmony and balance. You share a love of luxury, partying and creating a beautiful home. However, the sense of social justice is strong, so the two of you can make a great team, not just for your own satisfaction, but also for the benefit of many, for Libra is the ideal courtier at the Lion's court. Air stimulates Fire and helps it to grow and develop. Libra is an Air Sign and Leo is a Fire Sign, so the partnership is very dynamic and can take you places that you had only dreamed of before. You imagine you are the guiding light on this journey, but Libra seems to hold the reins, albeit with a light and gentle touch. Your energy is mutually stimulating and Libra is suitably worshipful, but is wise enough to allow you plenty of freedom and independence so you have room to move. Creative Libra, a Cardinal sign, will quickly think of fresh ideas and new places to go -- but just as quickly change tack and head off in a new direction. Your strength of purpose and secure sense of who you are is just what Libra needs to help stabilise that endless need to weigh things up before finally settling on a firm decision. You'll enjoy and appreciate each other.

This energizing and satisfying combination is a perfect match.

Hell or Heaven ???

Y r they always the ones to complain..and we (me) always thew one to b complained abt?? i dnt mean always in a literal way here....but it is most of the times. Firstly they dnt want to hear abt wht i have to say.....then y start the argument in the first place??? wht starts as an argument always ends as a crib abt me.
All she has to say is i am stuck to the comp whenever i come home and dont spend time with her......
Well.....i jus hope tht sumday i cud say all wht i am putting up here.I said sumday coz till now i never got a chance to do so....
I agree tht i dnt stay long enuf during the vacations.....a reason for this being tht i participate in cultural events which demand my goin back early.But i do not find a driving force in the first place tht makes me want to stay here either....none of my frnds have hols when i come home..munna has school....mom and dad both away at work...and all i am left with is a dog to sit and while away my time.Thanx to tht fella who made internet and messenger happen...or i wud have ran away frm this f***ing place as soon as i got here.
Now aftr they come back in the eve.....the min she returns itself..she has to start off with....."always stuck to the lappy".....as though i am supposed to xpect her arrival and stop doin wht i was .....fine i leave my lappy and sit beside her...only to see her watch the TV ....(sum stupid serial-which she says is watching everyday so i shudnt b disturbing her in tht time...coz this is the only time she gets to relax of her really busy and tiring life at work)....or fall asleep coz she had a hard day at work....!!!!
I have dinner...and then sit again in frnt of the comp...coz obviously..i got nothing better to do in the hols.....and thr she goes off now...complaining to my dad who has jus returned...tht i am alwa6ys sitting in tht chair...not moving...and my dad's natural reaction continues frm thr.
The usual complains always begin tht way...and then go off to...
  • I never stay at home in the hols while everyone else (wonder whom it consists of ) stays
  • I take part in way tooooooo many cultural events
  • Dnt bother abt acads
  • Spend lots of money ...and eat a lot outside ...which is y i am getting fat
  • I dnt take abt myself
  • Never spend time with them
  • Dnt talk to them properly
  • Never want to spend time with them
  • Dnt sleep early at night
  • Sleep till late in the morn
  • Dnt help her out with her business
  • Gottu look at tht Ms X who is helping out her dad with her business
  • Never bother to take responsibilities
  • Dnt giv her ideas to help her business develop
  • Get frustrated and shout and answer back whenever she even tries to talk to me


Now with this happening every damn time tht i come home how the hell do u xpect me to stay at home for a longer time even if i didnt have work??? U go away in the morn and come in the nite with all these complains...and theni aint even supposed to complain tht i am getting bored.

Sick of this whole thing happening over and over again....

well if listening to ne of this s*** like..."YES I AM AN IRRESPONSIBLE...GOOD FOR NOTHING DAUGHTER THT CUD EVR EXIST ON THIS PLANET" then well....me ready to say it netime u want....if at all tht cud stop me frm goin thru this over and over again.....

Life at home is heaven.....says who????????

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sumtimes distance doesnt matter in love...
Sumtimes it does
Sumtimes whether the person u love, loves u or not doesnt matter....
Sumtimes it does
Sumtimes u wish u stayed longer.....
Sumtimes u wish u cud just run out of there.
Sumtimes u wish u slept all night to just dream.....
Sumtimes u stay up all night just waiting to dream.
Sumtimes u dream even in the day.....
Sumtimes u dread to even dream at night.
Sumtimes u want to hold him close to u.....
Sumtimes u wanna run away frm him.
Sumtimes u want to keep staring into their eyes.....
Sumtimes u wanna jus look away from them.
Sumtimes u can think of nothing but him....
Sumtimes u can think of anything but him.
Sumtimes u jus crave to hear his voice......
Sumtimes u just don't want to answer the call.
Sumtimes u wish u cud keep on talking for hours together.....
Sumtimes u just wish u cud let silence speak for u.
Sumtimes u wish u cud jus see him once.....
Sumtimes u wish he'd get out of sight.
Sumtimes u jus want to tell him everything.....
Sumtimes u jus dont want him to know it.
Sumtimes u wish he wudnt go.....
Sumtimes u wish he'd just get out of here.
Sumtimes u wish u cud jus keep on writing.....
But then.... life is a bitch !!!


Nothing much to say also i gues...jus the movie updater...
  • Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • Woh lamhe
  • Sainikudu (Gult)

And now abt my reviews....

Eternal sunshine was cooooooool.....def deserves a place in the top movies and this def is showing in imdb.Jim carrey for a diff ...no comedy.....but still awesum. I thought maybe i wudnt enjoy the movie coz this one with of diff fmr other jim's movies started on a very low...and quite diff note.....the storyline in specific is wht i liked....very diff thinking.

Woh Lamhe.....heard it was the story of sum actress.....well...not too pleasing.....but ok types

Sainikudu...though i didnt like the story or nething in it at all....one thing is worth watching...the amazing camera work(or post production work...whtever) in the first scene.....it was awesum....first time in tollywood types....sumthing tht tried to get a lil hollywood style into it :D.The worst thing of all...the choreography of the song "Oragalluke pilla". i xpected a much better choreo for this song.....i mean....how pathetic can the choreographer b to compose steps like tht for this song?? a pakka mass song....and the steps r like hmmm...."Cheppave Chirugali" (Okkadu) types....really dumb....Rajshekar wud have def done a good job with it...esp coz i appreciate the dance composition in Dil and Simhadri....whtever...finally..watching the left me only with one positive thing......tht i went to a late night show in hyd...wihtout my parents(Jus me and My bro) for the first time :D

Thts it for the movies....and as for gen stuff......didnt get back my lappy still :( hope to get it back by tomorrow . And gonna watch

  • Apna Sapna Money Money
  • Wedding Crashers

Will post reviews aftr tht .....Thts it for now....!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Jus a normal day..!!!

Well jus for jotting down wht all i had done today.....got up at abt 9:00 am
  • Went with Teja (my cuz) to the bank (HDFC) and opened a 'zero balance accnt' thr...yeeeeyyyyyiiiiiiii.... now i can have my money tht i mite possibily (depending on my mood) earn...so tht i can look at it all the time and feel proud abt...noway r ne of my expenses goin frm tht money X-(
  • Met one of my aunts who lives nearby
  • Watched "Pulp Fiction" didnt understand y it was rated 6 in imdb...well..i dnt say its a bad movie.....the plot was very cleverly woven to mix all the diff stries tht were happening...but well...maybe i am not tht good a critic to appretiate those kind of movies...jus like 'sumone' says...maybe i dnt have tht much of a brain to understand high level movie :P
  • Booked my flight tickets to go back to mumbai...i know tht mom and dad r pissed off tht i am going back early....but well.....sumtimes days(read nites) seem longer than they r ...esp in winter ;)
  • Now gonna watch "Woh Lamhe" or "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"
And now...chalo...me off..nothing tht int happend today i gues...so...as usual.......Just another day

Friday, December 01, 2006

Love or Arranged

Well.....maybe everyone has this discussion with their parents at some point of time or the other....maybe when they actually r planning to get married or maybe jus like tht.
I always try to get this thing in sumhow or the other usually...to try and chck out conditions at home..though i probabaly know :D and as always..it turns out to b the same and it goes like this...(99/100 times)
Me: I'm sure tht the 4 of us (4/6 of my cuz') r gonna get married against ur wish or it'll b a love marriage
Mom: No. u shudnt do tht...wht abt wht society (and the rest etc etc gang) will say when they see u getting married against our will.waise y do u have to even think abt love marriage? We(dad and me) r thr to plan abt ur marriage naa...y r u even thinking abt it?
Me: u guys will get sumone whom u chose for me...but i want sumone whom i know.i want sumone who i think is suitable for me
Mom: u dont know whom to chose..when we setup a match we chck their backgrnd and status/caste (whtever) and see tht u r goin into a good family,waise u can gettu know the guy in the time we giv u b4 settling down finally to tht match.
Me: how can u b so sure tht this guy who comes frm a good family will turn out to b in the same line....and not prove to b a rascal? and how the hell will i gettu know wht a person truly is in say abt a week or month's time tht u give...and even if i gettu know how cna u b sure tht this guy is truly wht he is in front of me and not acting tht way jus coz i am his fiancee??
Mom: dont gimme stupid arguments....when i say no...its a no...wht will ppl say..."look how she's brought up her daughter...." look at the kind of opportunities and luxuries i am providing to u...whtelse do u want...when i have taken the right decisions for u frm the beginnig of ur life till now....wont i take a good decision abt ur marriage?
Me: but this is my life...cant i get to pick up as to whom i spend the rest of my life with??i wanted to become a doc...u pushed me into iit...now dnt keep taking all the decisions for me....lemme take sum
Mom: stop talking as though u dnt gettu say ur words....and abt iit.....now rnt u happy with wht ur doin and all the imp tht u get becoz ur an iitian? as who said i dnt giv u chance to decide abt ur life partner?? i am giving u a chance to say yes or no to the guys tht i am gonna pick up for u.
Me: Dad ..we r jus debating abt it....i never meant to say i am gonna do everything tht i say or it is to b this way naa....
Me: But dad....

and well....i guess....then its left upto me to convince them aftr 2 more yrs...and now i can see wht a pain its gonna b...!!!
but one thing is for sure.....no matter how many bfs i am gonna change :d ...but finally i am not goin in for arranged marriage.....coz...c'mon....this has been my biggest life ambition....."LOVE MARRIAGE " 8->

A Second Start

Well...this is definetly a second start off.....major reason being i dont remember the previous blog id :D thts really stupid i know....but never mind....hopefully i'll b blogging more often this time (remember tht i said "hopefully" :D )
Ans as for the rules tht go....i am not blogging here for neone else...this is for myself...jus coz there r loads of things tht i might want to read latr on and laugh abt or ponder over.
yeyyyyyiiiiii....Happy blogging to me :)